The Basics of Skincare

What is skincare to you?

You know the importance of skincare. The older you gets, the more people around you talk about it. It has been established from the start, known to all people that skincare are products that you apply on your face, to maintain a healthy, radiance appearance. You heard it from your family members and your friends, and if you just google skincare products, tons of it will pop up with a rather pricey tags on it.

But how exactly can you go about doing it? Are you doing it correctly? What is the best way of doing it to get the maximum results because most of it are so expensive?

Keep reading to find out more....

According to Emily Newsom, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, the basis of a skincare are broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Cleanse

  2. Moisturize

  3. Protect


The simple act of cleansing is the foundation of any healthy skin care routine. A cleanser is used to wash off the dirt, makeup, excess oil, dead skin cells, and environmental impurities that end up on your face naturally throughout the day. It protects us from sun, heat, and light, continually healing and renewing itself. Both incredibly resilient and delicate, it requires gentle, routine cleansing, followed by nourishment and hydration. To thoroughly cleanse skin and care for it as it cares for us, we must first understand our skin’s individual needs, become attuned to its reaction to external factors, and choose a cleanser accordingly.


Moisturizer will help keep the skin’s protective barrier functioning properly and your skin feeling smooth and soft. People who moisturize faithfully in their youth are much more likely to have beautiful complexions when they're older.

Moisturizing your skin is important to help prevent further breakouts. When your skin is dry and irritated, it actually causes breakouts and acne. By moisturizing your skin, you can reduce your chances of any skin problems arising. Facial moisturizers help balance your skin’s complexion and prevents acne breakouts.


Arguably the most important element, sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer as well as cosmetic sun damage. Protecting your skin both day and night is vital for ensuring your skin’s natural processes are supported and maintained, enabling your skin to look and feel its very best, naturally. “The skin cell renewal process is the key to maintaining healthy skin, so [having] a regular skin care regimen will support retexturising, hydrating and restoring your natural healthy-looking glow with formulas that work on multiple skin layers,

All have been said. We will get to that in-depth into each topic in the upcoming articles and we will establish the best practices for each of the steps :)

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